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The mission of the Center for Ecozoic Studies is to offer a vision of an ecozoic society and contribute to its realization through research, education, and the arts.

“Ecozoic” means “house of life.”
An “Ecozoic Society” means a society of life.
* * *
The “Ecozoic Era” is a time of mutually enhancing relationships among humans and the larger community of life.
* * *
The “Great Work” is living the promise of the ecozoic.

Recent Publications
Cosmology and the Ecozoic Society (TE: Issue I)

"We are about the Great Work. ... Beside the particular work we do and the particular lives we lead, we have a Great Work that everyone is involved in and no one is exempt from. That is the Great Work of moving on ... to an emerging Ecozoic Era in the story of the planet Earth." - Thomas Berry

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The Wisdom of Women (TER V:1)

“In these opening years of the twenty-first century, as the human community experiences a rather difficult situation in its relation with the natural world, we might reflect that a fourfold wisdom is available to guide us into the future: the wisdom of indigenous peoples, the wisdom of women, the wisdom of the classical traditions, and the wisdom of science.” –Thomas Berry

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CES Monthly Musings - September 2009

In this issue: The Ecozoic #3 on “Ecological Civilization/Life-Giving Community” – Invitation for Submissions, – Background, and The Passing of Edward (“Teddy”) Goldsmith, each by Herman Greene; and Poems by Therése Halscheid (“The Sun’s Sacrifice,” and “ Long Night Moon”).

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Daily Reflection

CES member John P. Cock offers daily reflections for the ecozoic community from his blog, “Journey Reflections,” at

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